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Landlord-Tenant Law

Evictions ♦ Retaliation ♦ Habitability ♦ Lease Disputes

California law provides tenants significant protections. Cooledge Law is proud to protect the legal rights of both residential and commercial tenants. We offer a full range of services in landlord-tenant law throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, and surrounding areas. Some of the most common issues are:

♦ Evictions / Eviction Defense

♦ Retaliatory Eviction

♦ Habitability Claims & Defenses

♦ Lease Disputes

♦ Sublease Issues 

♦ Premises Liability

♦ Breach of Quiet Enjoyment

♦ Commercial Lease Issues

We provide representation to landlords and tenants in not only the above, but in most civil matters that may arise out of the landlord-tenant relationship. We approach every case with a view to securing the most favorable outcome for our client, informed by our extensive experience in civil litigation in general and in the landlord-tenant field in particular. 

We also offer advice and counsel for both landlords and tenants. Sometimes the wisest course of action is the one that allows you to stay out of court. We can help review leases or other landlord-tenant contracts, negotiate with property owners or other opposing parties, and assist with transactional matters.

Click here for additional resources on landlord-tenant matters. 

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